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Cash Games Pro

UNLIMITED requests per month (no API access), 6 max PokerStars Zoom 500 structure (5% rake, 0.6bb cap) and 5% rake, 0.4bb cap solutions, 6max stacksizes - 40bb-100bb (100bb is completely covered), Preflop solved with MonkerSolver - 80+ buckets, P/L/L, Postflop solved with PioSolver/Jesolver - 0.9% exploitability for SRP/Limp pots, <0.5% exploitability for 3b/4b/5b pots, Heads Up spots from all 6max combinations, Heads Up sims rake -- 5% rake, 0.3bb cap, Heads Up stack sizes: 20bb, 30bb, 40bb, 50bb, 60bb, 70bb, 80bb, 100bb, 150bb, 200bb, Easy 1-click recalculation on any node in a hand with 1 or more specific bet/raise sizings you are interested in, Own solutions integration with suits isomorphism! Want to enhance our database with your own sims? Solve 1755 strategically different flops and get access to all 22100 possible ones. Suits and order don't matter!, Rivers runouts analysis possible after turn recalculation, More Pro features to come ..., Access to all new additions!, Recalculation can be done with PioSolver or Jesolver (free or commercial license), should specify a path to a solver in settings

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