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Boost your win rate

CheckMath is a training tool for Hold'em Poker giving you instant access to a huge database of GTO solutions and reports.

Got check-raised? CheckMath!


Start your 3-day 100% FREE CheckMath PRO trial now! 

Including HU MTT demo.  NEW!

Only email address is needed.


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Our Technology

Why join CheckMath ?

Instant strategy for 500+  of spots both PREFLOP and POSTFLOP

Import your own solutions into Checkmath and use them locally

Cache flops for big Pio saves for instant sim access

You can RECALCULATE strategy on the fly with custom sizings at any point

FULL (1755 flops) aggregation reports on (almost) all cash games spots

Postflop solutions for all possible flops and runouts (no subsets)

Low exploitability solutions (<1% for SRP, <0.5% for 3b/4b pots)

Large variety of tree settings for spot recalculation

Similar flop suggestion if you lack chosen board in the imported spot

PERFECT for cash game study, but applicable to tournaments as well 

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