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Private Server

Get your own private CheckMath server for your team or study group!

A bundle solution consists of both your private custom Checkmath server with all your solutions and a white label Checkmath application to work with your sims library.

Store your solutions in one place and access them with Checkmath application from anywhere.

Application and REST API access to your sims for integration with third-party tools.

Have your own admin tools. Create/Remove users, Limit usage to a certain amount of requests/game types.

Optionally Customized UI with your own logos.

Excellent for teams who want to share solutions or for poker coachers.

Your Checkmath private server will be hosted on the cloud and fully managed by us with all infrastructure costs included.

Ability to adjust the server and the application to your solutions and your needs.

Contact us for more details and we will find a perfect solution that fits your needs.


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